• Fabrication

3D Printing

EPS’ 3D printing capability allows concept or rapid prototyping solutions on demand. Our 3D printing provides the form, fit and function aspects while saving the time and material for concept development. In some cases, 3D printing can allow obsolescence parts to be provided rapidly and offer long term design solutions. Our 3D printing capabilities provide a large area, multi-material and soluble material solutions in our products. With footprints of 11 inches (length), 11 inches (width), 11 inches (height) and heated surface our 3D printing is an Open filament system compatible with PLA, ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Blends, TPU 85A & 95A (Flexible), PETG, PETT, Copolyester, PVB (Polycast), PVA, HIPS, and many more 3rd party filaments.

3d printing 3d priting